Slider Revolution Responsive (Nulled) WordPress Plugin – Slider Revolution is one of the most popular slider plugins for WordPress with a lot more than 375,000+ sales around the Envato marketplace. With all the Slider Revolution plugin, you also can cause the most advanced pictures sliders and carousels, societal media feeds, Hero Headers, Content Modules, and several more. This plugin contains a very powerful visual editor with a great deal of contemporary features and options necessary to produce a gorgeous slider for an internet website. Slider Revolution is tremendously responsive with auto-layout options. Sliders build using this plugin will automatically correct their sizes based on to screen width. The visual editor of this plugin is very userfriendly and eye-friendly with dark mode support. It is simple to develop a slider working with this plugin, and also just a newcomer can do this in an issue of a few minutes.

Slider Revolution (Nulled) Plugin also has a enormous collection of pre-made templates using media resources, including icons and images. It only takes one click to import and apply those templates. All these templates have been categorized as slider, carousel, hero, special FX, Social Media, etc.. You may also expand the functionality of this Slider Revolution plugin by installing professionally designed addons. It’s support for 27 top notch addons to add unique kinds of transitions and effects into the sliders such as before and later, paintbrush, distortion, etc.. This plugin coded very carefully by keeping the operation in mind. This means it doesn’t impact website loading rate. In general, Slider Revolution can be a feature and responsive slider plugin for WordPress.

Amazing Features of Slider Revolution (Nulled) – Responsive WordPress Plugin

✅  Powerful visual editor

✅  Responsive options

✅  No coding knowledge required

✅  200+ Ready to use pre-made templates

✅  Single scene Hero Headers builder

✅  27 Addon support to add extra features
Video Sliders

✅  Dark user interface

✅  Faster loading times

✅  Cross-browser support

✅  In-depth animation options

✅  Animation presets

✅  Premade layer groups

✅  2500+ elements object library includes font, icons, images, videos, etc.

✅  Special effects

✅  Unlimited possibilities

✅  Parallax background

✅  Slide delay option

✅  Slide transitions settings

✅  All types of media support

✅  Before & After slider

✅  Post featured slider

✅  Typewriter effect

What’s New Update in Slider Revolution (Nulled) – Responsive WordPress Plugin

✅  Added a core listener system that will synchronize and manage sliders on pages automatically.

✅  Slicey AddOn’s “Min PanZoom” value can be now also changed anything to >=100 (version 2.0.2 required).

✅  Synchronized the video animation starts with the slide change to start videos earlier.

✅  Updated many core functions to reduce loading times.

✅  Reduced the slider preparation times.

✅  Massively reduced CPU and GPU usage during slider processes.

✅  Favorit selection on templates in packages will show now in the favorite list as well.

✅  Fixed a bug where the saved color schemes were not imported properly.

✅  Fixed a deprecated notice in output.class.php for PHP 7.4 and newer.

✅  Fixed JavaScript errors by removing loop animated layers from the stage via action.

✅  Lazy Load Support for Slicey AddOn fixed.

✅  Some other add-ons related bug fixes and improvements.

✅  Fixed Windows Browser behaving when the modal opens to avoid small jumps and/or double scrollbars.

✅  Double defined slide link actions: “Next Slide” and “Previous Slide” removed from the “Jump To Slide” action to avoid misunderstanding.

✅  Some other minor changes and bug fixes.

Download Free Slider Revolution (Nulled) v6.2.3 – Responsive Slider Plugin for WordPress

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