Asset CleanUp Pro (Nulled) can be actually a premium page speed booster plugin for WordPress. It’s perhaps not just a caching plugin, however it can work at any caching plugin to turn your WordPress website faster. This plugin gives you the capacity to decrease HTTP requests by removing unused CSS & Java Script files from the web site pages. If you need better loading speed, then you definitely need to also use a caching plugin like WP Rocket with the Asset Clean Pro (Nulled) plugin. It might also work correctly with hosting ca-ching such as WP Engine, Kinsta, and many others. It will not fight with any other performance plugins. A messenger variant of this plugin with limited features also accessible at no cost in WordPress repository.

Asset CleanUp Pro (Nulled) can float useless CSS & JavaScripts from almost all pages, including 404, author, hunt, date archives, and many other customized pages also. It also gives an choice to preload certain files for fast becoming of their most useful files. You may also change the positioning (Head or Body) of JavaScript and CSS files with this plugin. Asset CleanUp Pro (Nulled) also lets using defer and async attributes for loaded Java Script files. The most essential thing you don’t require familiarity with any coding language to use this plugin

Amazing Features of Asset CleanUp Pro (Nulled) – Performance WordPress Plugin

✅  Unload or Manage CSS and JavaScripts files

✅  Site-wide unload options

✅  Bulk unloads support

✅  Manage JS/CSS files directly from front-end

✅  Test Mode for debugging

✅  Minify and combine loaded JS and CSS files

✅  Change the location of JS and CSS files (<Head> or <Body>)

✅  Remove RSD, Windows Live Editor, Rest API, etc.

✅  Disable XML-RPC protocol

✅  Inline CSS and JavaScript files

✅  Reduce render-blocking resources by deferring CSS

✅  Async and Defer attributes

✅  Show the file size of each loaded CSS and JS files

✅  Higher page speed score

✅  Allows to unload specific plugins

What’s New Update in Asset CleanUp Pro (Nulled) v1.1.7.0

✅  Once a page is updated, the plugin preloads that page for both the admin and the guest visitor, making sure any new changes would take effect, saving the admin’s time and making sure any first visitor coming to that page will access it faster, not having to wait for the rebuilding of the cache which would increase the TTFB.

✅  Combined CSS/JS files are all stored in /wp-content/cache/asset-cleanup/(css|js)/ to avoid duplicated files.

✅  If the hardcoded asset was already stripped & the HTML source is updated, then do not proceed with further replacements of alternative values to save resources.

✅  Compatibility Fix: When “Minify HTML” is enabled in WP Rocket, some hardcoded assets that have comments and extra space around them are not stripped when marked for stripping.

✅  Fix: If “Asynchronous via Web Font Loader (webfont.js)” was chosen for “Combine Multiple Requests Into Fewer Ones”, the font weights weren’t added to the final generated SCRIPT tag.

✅  Fix: Avoid Array to String Conversion Error in pages such as “Overview”.

✅  Fix: Make sure when the handle information is saved, there are no PHP notice errors if the ‘src’ index is missing as some handles do not have an “src” (e.g. ‘woocommerce-inline’ handle).

✅  Improvement: Higher accuracy in stripping META tag generators if the option is enabled in case some of their attributes have no quotes around them.
And many other small improvements and bug fixes

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